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The quiz is over and boy was it an awesome day! We had a wonderful time with everyone. The players were amazing and the oral contest was really fun to watch.

Grand Prize Winner:

 Zanoor Yusaf (Umrah Ticket)

Junior Prize Winner:

 Kawthar Bakhach (iPad 3)


Junior Levels

Level 1:
1st Place: Abdurrahman Mujeeb Jarju

2nd Place: Aasiya Sathar

3rd Place: Tasbeen Iman

Level 2:

1st Place: Abdullah Mohammad

2nd Place: Hassan Azmy

3rd Place: Hannah Langha

Level 3:

1st Place: Kawthar Bakhach

2nd Place: Hamza Siddiqui

3rd Place: Nada Azmy

Senior Levels

Level 4:
1st Place: Ayah Idris

2nd Place: Ghina Mubin

3rd Place: Oumaima Barrak

Level 5:

1st Place: Kassim Sheikh

2nd Place: Mohamed Mohamed

3rd Place: Moneer Marouf

Level 6:

1st Place: Zanoor Yusaf

2nd Place: Mohammed Pirbhai

3rd Place: Aana Farooqi


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